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Xero - new look bank reconciliation

You can choose between an enlarged, zoomed-in view, or a compact view that displays more transactions on screen. Simply move the toggle to choose the view that best suits your needs.

This is all part of the evolution of bank reconciliation at Xero, and brings the design in line with other Xero features, like Single Touch Payroll in Australia and others. Creating a consistent look and feel across the platform not only makes it a seamless experience for you, but also helps newer customers learn how to use Xero.

As Xero continue to test, learn and refine this feature, please know that they are listening to your feedback – both positive and negative. In fact, building the compact view is a direct result of your feedback on the initial rollout of the updated design, so thank you! With this update, Xero can balance your preferences with the need to upgrade our technology and make accessibility improvements over time.

Prioritising human-centric design

Customers are at the centre of everything they do at Xero. So the accessibility of the products in the global small business platform is really important. The changes to white space and font size may be a little different to what you’re used to, but this makes it more visually accessible for some people, who can use Xero more comfortably in this setting.
Xero are working diligently to exceed global accessibility standards. While these design changes may take some getting used to, they will ultimately mean a more seamless experience – especially when learning how to use a new feature or switching between tabs.

A better bank reconciliation experience

The updates to bank reconciliation extend beyond the design you see on your screen – they leverage Xero’s powerful automation capabilities to help you save time, reduce manual data entry and increase accuracy. For example, you’ll soon benefit from the powerful machine learning algorithms that will offer accurate predictions for your transactions’ contact and account codes. 
Bank reconciliation is one of Xero’s most loved features and a critical part of your accounting work.

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