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Employment New Zealand - Labour Inspectorate responds to sharp rise of complaints in dairy sector

This is a great reminder for anyone meeting dairy industry clients over the coming months to make sure that they are compliant with their minimum standards of employment and tenancy.

Labour Inspectorate & Tenancy Compliance Investigations team are currently visiting farms around NZ.
Our Accounted4 Payroll team still hear of clients who are not compliant in a few key areas:
  • You must charge market rent for on-farm accommodation (there are a couple of exceptions on this)
  • Ensuring employee’s have employment agreements, even casual employees, and tenancy agreements if living on-farm
  • Salaried employees are paid at least the Minimum wage currently $20 per hour, going up to $21.20 from 1 April for every hour worked in a pay period
  • Record keeping is kept up-to-date – timesheets completed, signed off, and held on file
If you need any guidance with a client, please check in with the Accounted4 Cambridge payroll team – email payroll@accounted4.co.nz
Check out this page: https://www.employment.govt.nz/about/news-and-updates/labour-inspectorate-responds-to-sharp-rise-of-complaints-in-dairy-sector/


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