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Control the Quad roll: Protect what matters most

The annual quad bike fatalities in New Zealand are mums, dads, grandparents, and loved ones that had every intention of returning home.

Quad bike rollovers occur on all gradients of land and with the most experienced of riders. Crush protection devices (CPDs) can reduce the risk of a quad bike crushing the rider as it rolls by creating a gap between the bike and the ground when it is upside down.

Safer Farms have launched a new campaign ‘Control the Roll’ with ACC encouraging farmers to put their safety first and take advantage of the CPD cash back currently available. The cash back allows famers to receive $180 (plus GST) cash back on up to two devices, including the Quadbar, Quadbar Flexi, and ATV Lifeguard CPDs.

Safer Farms are encouraging farmers to put their safety first and take advantage of this discount and help to reduce the chance of serious injury or death in the event of a roll over.

Safer Farms Chairperson Lindy Nelson firmly supports the initiative and is installing CPDs on the bikes on their Wairarapa farm. “As a wife, I want to know my husband is going to come back safely.  As an employer, I want to know we have done everything we can, practically, to look after the people on our farm.”

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