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Featured Client - Circus Eatery

It has been a dream come true for Circus Eatery owner and long-term Cambridge-ite Kiri Cranshaw who finally found a place that ticked all the boxes in Cambridge Park late last year.
Kiri’s vision became reality when Circus Eatery was opened early July and the café has had a great start with support from locals, friends, and family.
Circus Eatery takes pride in showcasing fresh, authentic and well-crafted food alongside outstanding coffee and efficient service. With both indoor and outdoor dining and north facing on a picturesque reserve, it is a stunning location that caters for everyone.
The team place a huge emphasis on offering the best and this extends to their brunch and lunch menu which changes regularly and is inspired using local in-season ingredients.
Check them out and spread the word at | Circus Eatery | Cambridge | Facebook or Instagram!


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