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Xerocon is the years highlight for all things Xero and due to the pandemic wasn't able to go ahead last year - so this year was set to be bigger and better than ever! Accounted4 sent a team of seven over  to Sydney in September to soak up the best that Xero (and Sydney) has to offer! 

The team were immersed in Xerocon for the full two days learning what's coming, what's new and how best we can continue to help our clients. The focus this year was on purpose, community, innovation and partnership. 

Check out some of our client focused information from Xerocon that will be beneficial to businesses going forward.

Invoice view is changing

If you don't already, we encourage you to click on the 'switch to new invoicing' button when doing your invoicing so you are making the most of the new and updated invoicing version.


There is a huge focus on 'going green' and how important it is for businesses and customers alike. If you can, now would be a great time to start thinking about how your business can make a positive impact - you will be ahead of the game! This could be a great way to get the whole team involved in how your business can 'do better'.

Favourite Reports

To add your reports to favourites, click on the white star to make the star blue and you will see your favourited reports sitting at the top of the report home page.

Going Digital

As the workforce changes, what employees are looking for also changes. The younger generation workforce are more likely to change jobs and businesses need to embrace digital tools to retain these employees and to be able to give them more opportunities.

Employers need to be more willing and open to new ideas to retain these employees.


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