December Xero Tip

December 14, 2020

Setting up Invoice Reminders

Setting up invoice reminders is key to helping you optimize your accounting processes. Instead of having the added stress of worrying about following up on your accounts receivable, let Xero take care of it. You can set up invoice reminders that will automatically send custo...
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Events at A4

October 21, 2020

Introduction to Xero Workshop

Keep an eye out on our website or in your emails for advertising for our new Xero Workshop "Intro to Xero". This new workshop will cover the basics in Xero, give you a better understanding of the system and will be a great workshop for those who are new to Xero or are c...
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It is Cyber Security Week this week so lets touch on scam and phishing emails.  We know at times it can be hard to spot the emails but if you are ever unsure if your email is legit follow the links below for some guidance. How to spot IRD and Xero scams.The links b...
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October Xero tip

September 30, 2020

How to search for and edit a reconciled transaction

Use the account transaction tab to search for coded transactions. Click on the transaction you want to view / edit. To edit the transaction go to Options – Edit. To undo the reconciliation so you can recode on the reconciliation screen, go to Options – Remove & Redo. Do...
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Digital transformation has driven the growth of many new small businesses in the past decade. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen new business models emerging and established businesses adapting, relying on the broad benefits of financial systems like Xero provide.They all have t...
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‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’, as the saying goes. If you're going to create an effective, successful and profitable business, you need to create a solid strategic plan Your business plan is the route map that defines your goals, explains your strategy and gives real dire...
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Xero news, tips and tricks

August 20, 2020

Xero on Air

From 14-17 September Xero is bringing us "Xero on Air". This is their great new way of sharing information and connecting with the Xero community around the world. To educate and inspire you, Xero on Air is bringing bite sized video episodes with a range of content and speci...
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Xero for farming

July 20, 2020
Great farms need great teams The best farmers surround themselves with experts and make use of technology to lighten the workload. And that’s why Xero, Figured and PaySauce have come together to form the definitive agricultural financialmanagement ...
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Xero Business Insights

May 11, 2020
The feature provides a visual dashboard of key financial metrics, so you can quickly see how your business is doing and start a deeper conversation with your advisor here at A4.Business Snapshot displays Xero data in beautiful charts, tables and at-a-glance figures that make...
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From 18 March 2020, you can say goodbye to manual data entry and spend more time running your business because Hubdoc will be included in Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans. Talk to us today if you are not sure what Xero plan you are on and find out if you will have ac...
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