Accounting 101

You may be thinking “I have all my data on Banklink/Xero, why do you still ask for my records”? Although our computer system might show the year end balances and amounts, we need extra confirmation from a second source that the information we have is correct, and that no...
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Payroll Team Update

November 4, 2019

Business Shutdown – Leave Management Plan

Have you worked out your team’s Leave Management Plan? If your business traditionally shuts down over the festive season you need to plan closing and opening days, check if anyone needs to work during the closedown, get your team sending in their leave requests, and start ...
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Accounting 101: GST

November 4, 2019
In New Zealand, goods and services tax (GST) is added to the price of most products and services. If your business is GST registered, you collect GST from customers (by adding 15% to your sale price) and you pay this to the government, less any GST that your business has pai...
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How to read your Financial Statements

Essentially, the financial statements tell a story about money. They show where an entity’s money came from and where it went over a specific time period, which is usually over a year. They also show where the money is at the end of that period. In NZ, the standard financi...
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Welcome to our new series: Accounting 101 In this series we will help you understand the Accounting Terms that don't sound fun and generally go over people's heads! Let us know if you are interested in a particular topic and we can break it down and help explain it for you! ...
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